Hosting Moved

Hey there everyone!

My RPG hosting has been moved to RPG Initiative. It is still free but it gives me a single point of access to manage my hostees as well as auto-sets you guys up so no more waiting for me!

Please feel free and head over to the RPG Initiative store and check out the new ways that you can help us and help your RP!

No longer limited

I do believe I have worked out most of the kinks of the hosting. At least that I can tell so my limited amount of slots is now unlimited again.

I will be updating the terms and things that can get an account suspended.

I will recommend that you do not use phpBB as it is a resource hog and it can get your account suspended for slowing down the server. I would recommend things like MyBB or similar.

Happy hosting!

Hosting limited

Hello everyone,
I will be re-opening Morrgasm. hosting on a limited basis due to server load. This means that I will be more strict about my inactivity rules so that people aren’t taking up hosting that aren’t utilizing the service.

As such I will email any current applicants and see if they are still looking and then post if I have further spots.


Current Available hosting slots: 5/10

Morrgasm hosting would love to upgrade to offer further hosting to more RPGs and even possibly invest in developing an RPG software. If you want to help support free RPGs and RPG software than please donate. For more information on helping this cause please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Hosting Closed temporarily

So as some have noticed I’ve been having a few issues with keeping the server up. It’s been a trial and I know I can fix it but until I can get what hosting I currently have stable I will not be accepting new hostees, primarily because I don’t want your first site experience to be intermittent downtime of the server.

That being said I’m also working on an upgrade to the Character Mod for the current IPB version. Once it’s released I will work on the 4.0 version subsequently with the help of a friend to keep me motivated. Primarily I’m working on functionality/security in this release, next release will be optimization and knick knacks.

I’ll try to keep updated here, life is just crazy. <3

Secret Santa!

A friend is looking for some people to fill some roles. I can’t pick up the characters myself but I figured the fabulous people on the internet may be able to oblige.

This here is for these two!

first middle holden. 15. first or second year. clique is open. The tentative face claim is Jimmy Bennett but you could use anyone, really. You don’t necessarily have to run it by me as long as they have light brown or blond hair.

Elizabeth isn’t extremely close with her younger brother but they get along well enough that he’s the only one that actually knows how to calm her down when she’s having one of her psycho moments. I know she’s got Nicolette for that but she really just keeps Liz from getting too wild, really. Liz’s brother knows how to get her out of them altogether. He’d have to have a decent relationship with Liz’s friends as well although they might not be his friends.


first middle last. 17/18. fourth year. open clique. Tyler Blackburn is the preferred play-by but he doesn’t have to be. I just want him to be laid-back and he should be able to deal with Liz’s dramatic tendencies because they’ve known each other since they were 3. His hometown should be Dayton, OH (like Liz). He treats Liz’s little brother like his own.

Here is for the other!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is Elizabeth’s twin brother. He can be just as dramatic as Elizabeth at times but is usually a bit more mellow. He can also be a sarcastic asshole but he’s still Elizabeth’s best friend in the whole world…well, after the guy that got sent to juvie when they were sophomores in high school. Both of them are talented actors and vocalists. Other than that, though, personality is up to you.

In regards to the fraternity, I’d like him to be an omimu pledge – simply because, in my mind, that was their father’s house when he was in university (just a different chapter).

ANOTHER NOTE: Elizabeth and her twin brother make a lot of bets – so much that they sometimes can’t keep track of them. He’s also the only one to make her laugh 90% of the time.



Anyone interested I would suggest you see CamilleB.


The site is all up and running. If you find anything that looks weird or you can’t read let me know! I will make sure that I get it fixed as soon as possible.

I added a Plugboard! If you have a button and a site to go with it feel free to plug your site as often as it falls off the plug board. With this I’m willing to host some plugboards so let me know if you want a Plug board for your site hosted by Morrgasm and I’ll contact you to get it setup!

I am considering a links directory or a review submission part of the site. If you have an opinion about either of those let me know by replying to this post! I think the Links directory would be easier but I can always do site reviews.

Soon to come:
Morrigan’s website no-no’s page
Fun ways to make your site fun!

Nearing Completion

Hello everyone!

Sorry that I kept being fickle about what I wanted to do with this site! It’s always been meant to be the hub of my many sites and all the things I do but when you have a million sites and a million things that you like to do it’s always a difficult feat to make a site that brings that all together into one neat little place. I think so far it’s coming together nicely.

For now I want to wish everyone a hello from Morrgasm! I also would like to remind everyone that Morrgasm currently has free hosting open. At this time there is no limit to the amount of people I’m willing to host. That is subject to change but so is life so it’s a necessary disclaimed I think.

I recently sent out an email to all those that are currently hosted with Morrgasm just to get some updates out there and let everyone know that Morrgasm is almost done!

I think I’ll have an update later, for now let me know if anything looks wonky here. I’m currently trying to get size of the main content area to look right. >_< Good luck to me.

Don’t forget to join the Morrgasm Community!