Hosting Moved

Hey there everyone!

My RPG hosting has been moved to RPG Initiative. It is still free but it gives me a single point of access to manage my hostees as well as auto-sets you guys up so no more waiting for me!

Please feel free and head over to the RPG Initiative store and check out the new ways that you can help us and help your RP!


2 responses to “Hosting Moved”

  1. I have a couple questions. One of them I asked you over skype.

    1.) On RPG-Init you don’t have the note that you require a link back. Is that still a requirement?

    2.) How do I add my hosting thingy to my RPG-I account without the auto-setup thing possibly screwing everything up?

    3.) How many hosting accounts are we allowed to have per person?

  2. Morrigan Avatar
    1. Not to this site but a link back to the Initiative would be awesome to show your support.
    2. At this time you cannot but I will work on linking them for you just send me a PM there and your username so I will link the correct accounts.
    3. I don’t have a limit but for the most part you can manage multiple sites through one hosted account, if you need more space contact me on the Initiative through the Support link in the navigation bar.

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